Blessed [are] they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6

I want to thank the lord for starting a new month with us. My objecting this month is to help you have spiritual hunger for the things of the Spirit. When you are really hungry – you will do whatever it takes to satisfy that hunger.

It is amazing what hunger will do to a person. Hunger changes who you are and what you do. When there is real hunger that is present; it seems as though everything else in life is not nearly as important. So, translate that thought into the spiritual side of your life. When you become hungry for spiritual things, it will make you into a different person. You will do whatever it takes to satisfy that hunger. You will shut the TV off, put the phone aside and pick up the Bible. You will stop talking so much to the people around you and start talking more to God. You will stop simply dreaming about what you would like to do in life – and you will start acting on those dreams.

Dear friend, there is a reason why some people achieve great things in life and others don’t: it all comes down to how hungry they are. The people with an appetite to succeed will do whatever it takes to satisfy that appetite. Hey! get hungry for the right things this month…it will change who you are!