And Elijah said unto Ahab, get thee up, eat and drink; for [there is] a sound of abundance of rain. – 1 Kings 18:41

Whenever there is a dramatic change in what God does in one’s life…there is a supernatural sound that only a few people can hear.

The Day of Pentecost was accompanied by the sound of a rushing mighty wind. Elijah told Ahab to go up because he heard abundance of rain signifying the drought was over.

David was told that as soon as he heard the rustling in the mulberry trees that he was to march forward.

Throughout scripture you see a sound accompanying any dramatic shift that God is making…I believe the same thing is happening right now.

There are those who are in tune with God hearing a supernatural shift happening. Both within the corporate body as well as your personal life.

God is making a change. He is shifting the winds that are blowing and He is ready for dramatic adjustments in direction to be made. But only those who are walking in the supernatural will hear this sound.

Only those who are tired of the old ways and ready to walk into the new will hear this sound. Only those who are moving in sync with the Holy Spirit will hear this sound. Everyone else will be left standing and never receive the fullness of what God has prepared. They will miss the move that God is making because they are so tied to what currently is that they cannot see what is coming.

Dear believer, I challenge you today…do not miss your future because you are so tied to your present. Do not miss the exhilaration of walking into something that is so radically different than what you hold right now simply because you cannot understand it.

Just tune in to the supernatural sound God is sending. Silence your thoughts and get ready because the sound is coming. When you hear that sound…get ready to move. I hear it – I hope you do as well!