When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. (Matthew 2:10)

It is said that the wise men of the Christmas story were seeking Jesus; the reality is that God was seeking them. God awakened within them a desire to seek the King of the Jews. They didn’t have all the answers and most likely didn’t know exactly what they would find when they got there. But they knew that if they could just get in the presence of this One known as the King of the Jews something supernatural was going to happen.

There was something that was drawing them, and it wasn’t just the star. The star was just the outward object that awakened an inward desire. The Spirit of Almighty God had stirred something within them that was preparing them to worship the King.

VISION: God is doing the same thing today. He is looking for worshipers. God is awakening something within the spirit of men that is attracting them to something far beyond what they have ever experienced. He is not looking for worshipers because He needs your worship… God is God all by Himself. God knows that you need to worship, because you were created to worship! You are a spirit being; therefore, you will never be fully released in your spirit until you learn how to worship God in Spirit and in truth.

My challenge to you today is to get into the presence of God and just worship Him. Don’t ask Him for anything; don’t question Him about anything…Just worship Him. Just rejoice in Who He is. I believe that as you begin to worship Him something is going to be awakened within you that you have never experienced. Be a worshiper this year!

Prayer Point: Let worship the lord now for just ten minutes. Amen