“Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out” – John 12:31 KJV

These are some of the last words of the Master before His death. He declared that the judgment of the world was at hand. He said, “Now is the judgment of this world.” In order words, heaven is about to decide who shall possess and have dominion over the earth.

In Genesis, God gave Adam the dominion over the earth and all creatures (Gen 1:26). Adam however, through disobedience willingly gave the throne of dominion to the devil.

When God came looking for man in the cool of the day, He noticed that man had traded places with Satan; He asked “Adam where art thou” *(Gen 3:9). The devil had assumed Adam’s position of dominion.

The bible says when a wicked man rules a nation evil abounds (Pro 29:2). Satan’s dominion over the earth brought about pain, evil, poverty, sickness…the list is endless: he became the ruler of the world. He controlled the world and everything in it.

This explains why the devil told Jesus that the world was his and that “it was delivered unto me” by Adam *(Luke 4:5, 6). But the incarnation of Jesus on earth marked the era of a new order. The judgment of the world was passed and the “prince (ruler) of this world” was cast out (John 12:31).

Now Satan no longer has power over the world. He is cast out. Out of the office! You are now the CEO of the world. Jesus defeated the devil through His death *(Col 2:15) and gave you the power over the earth. These are the words of the Master; Occupy till I come.

And He tells you to “occupy till I come” .Occupy what? The throne of rulership over the earth. Friend, God is not in charge, the devil is not in charge; you are in charge! The devil is kicked out! So, stay in charge. And put the devil where he belongs: under your feet!

Father I thank you for your word. I receive it. I declare that oversee my world. I exercise dominion over thing outside God’s will and bring it into subjection in Jesus’ name. And I magnify the Holy Ghost in the world shining forth the glorious light of the gospel of Christ.