Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. – Exodus 20:16

Do not discount this verse as outdated and irrelevant simply because it is in the Old Testament. In modern day language this is what it simply means: tell the truth about the people around you! Too many times we bend the truth about other people to make ourselves look good.

We are in the session at church and someone’s name comes up in the conversation and rather than speak well of them and have their back; we join in the negative commentary that others are creating about our coworker. We do it because we do not want to look bad to everyone else!

God expects better of us. When something false is said about someone in our lives, we are to have their back and correct any falsehood or gossip that is being spread.

When someone comes to us about a coworker or member of the church with the latest, juicy talk about what they did or said; stop the conversation immediately and stand up for that coworker or church member.

When you make a practice of not allowing “false witness” to be spread about those you love, people will respect you and finally get the message that you will not be part of the latest chain of gossip about others.

Always tell the truth; but also, be willing to stop others from spreading false witness of others. Let us stop the “Lying School” by having each other’s back!

Prayer Point: Thank you lord for using this devotion to remind me of my sin of false witness and gossip. I repent of my backsliding. Give me a new Spirit to speak well and defend people you bring my way. Amen