“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16 (KJV)

The life of Christ is not something that should be covered up or lived in secrecy. When Jesus walked this earth, He lived a godly life for everyone to see who He was (Acts 10:38). He left a good legacy for us to follow in His steps. As a child of God, do not be shy to live the life of Christ in your family, in the company of friends, at your workplace, or wherever you may be. Shine wherever you are with your good works of love, kindness, charity, and peace.

Beloved, when people see your good works, they will glorify your Father in heaven. Some will begin to draw closer to you and this will be an opportunity to win them for Jesus Christ, just as people of different nations drew closer to Peter and about three thousand souls were won for Jesus Christ (Acts 2:5–41). Remember that challenges may come your way, but you do not have to allow them to cover your light. Rise above the challenges and continue to shine for Jesus.

Dear beloved, are you shining for the Lord Jesus? Shining for Christ begins by appreciating your new birth, getting excited about it, and wanting everyone to know the change that Jesus Christ has brought into your life, just like the Samaritan woman who met Jesus Christ at the well and was saved (John 4:7–42). Beloved, your testimonies will change lives, so share them to draw many to Christ. Hallelujah! You are an overcomer!

Prayer: My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, thank You for saving me and inspiring me to witness for You. I put away shyness, fear, and anything that wants to stop me from sharing the gospel and doing good works. Please continually inspire me, strengthen me, and lead me to the right people and places to share Your glorious gospel and shine for You. Amen!