And above all things have fervent charity [love] among yourselves: for charity [love] shall cover the multitude of sins..1 Peter 4:8

There are many priorities of life that scream for our attention. But when it comes to your faith and spiritual journey…Peter makes it clear what is the top priority. He said, “above all things have fervent charity (love)”.

The most important thing we must do as followers of Christ is to live a life of love. Is it the easiest thing to do? Absolutely not! But it is still the most important thing to do.

The important things of life are rarely the easiest things in life. Especially when it comes to loving those closest to us. Those who surround us daily know us the best, which means they see us at our best and at our worst. It is easy to love someone when they are at their best…but what about those moments that are not so good?

What about those ugly moments when our fleshly attitude comes out of us? Do we in some way get to be excused from this priority to love them? The answer of course is no…because it is in those times that we need to love them even more. I know you do not “feel” like loving them in those times. But the good news is that love is not a feeling or emotion; love is a decision. When you make the decision to love, your feelings will soon follow your decision.

Action Point: So how are you going to love people today? Who in your life have you struggled with loving? Decide today to love them regardless of how you feel.

Love is the priority for those who live the successful Christian life…so make it yours today!