Key Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11 | Genesis 37:22-29

1. Any sacrifice that has been made by any member of my family, by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary I receive restoration in Jesus name.

2. Any sacrifice made to bring me negativity of a pit, is cancelled in Jesus name.

3. Any activity that has gone on to put me in a dark state, the light of God shine on me in Jesus name.

4. I disconnect my life and family from any demonic family pit control by the power in your blood. Be it sickness, poverty etc in Jesus name.

5. By your favour available unto me, Lord send me a helper to deliver me from the hands of demonic pits. I am delivered by hands oh Lord and by the help of who you will send unto me in Jesus name

6. Oh lord send your helper unto me to deliver me from the hands of demonic pits in Jesus name

7. I reverse any negative words spoken unto my life, through the blood of Jesus in name

8. In the name of Jesus any pit state in which I am now, being poverty loveliness, lack disappointments etc I am out in Jesus name.

9. Thank you Jesus your deliverances from any form of pit.