“Moreover, the law entered that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more.” – Romans 5:20

Today’s verse tells us in plain English that God gave us the law to let us know we’re sinners. Those who have trusted in Jesus have come into a new kingdom; it is the kingdom of grace, and it is much better than the kingdom Adam had even before he sinned. Adam had an earthly dominion, but he blew it. But Jesus bought it back, and it now has become a kingdom of grace.

One of the effects of Super-glue is that when you put something back together, it is stronger than when it began. That’s what salvation is. It’s stronger after it’s been put back than it was before it ever got broken.

Paul said that by one man—Adam—we got into one kingdom, and by another Man—the Lord Jesus—we got into the kingdom of love and light. But the two are not equal; the kingdom of God is far better than the kingdom of man.

  • Can you name some ways Jesus has transformed and restored the brokenness that resulted from Adam’s sin?
  • Does today’s devotion stir in you a desire to live for the kingdom of God over the kingdom of man?

PRACTICE THIS: Spend some time using Super-glue to repair something broken in your home. Reflect on the reality that your salvation.