“A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.” – Psalm 91:7 (KJV)

Knowing that God is doing much more than we think leads to continual praise and celebration of His name. God is the Father of all spirits (Hebrews 12:9). He is in full control of the spirit realm. Before anything happens in the physical realm, He first must allow it in the spirit realm.

Many things happen in the spirit realm that we are not privy to. David acknowledged that a thousand fell on his side and ten thousand at his right hand because God was behind this victory over his enemies.

Dear beloved, God is doing much more for you than you think. Do not complain and be bitter because of the challenge you are going through. Turn your complaints and bitterness into praise because God is fighting a lot of battles in the realm of the spirit for you to win.

When Paul and Silas prayed and praised God instead of complaining, murmuring, or regretting preaching the gospel, God set them free miraculously (Acts 16:25–26). The same applies to King Jehoshaphat, who followed God’s counsel by setting choristers in front of the army to praise God. God fought for him (2 Chronicles 20:21–23).

Beloved, God is always on your side working for you. Understand this and you will be unshakable because you know that you will always win in the end. Hallelujah! You are an overcomer!

Prayer Point: My dear heavenly Father, I celebrate you today and forever for doing much more for me than I think. Let me never cease praising and thanking you, in Jesus’ name. Amen!