“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” – Galatians 5:25

This verse is the key to a successful life. I encourage you to read the entire 5th chapter of Galatians to put this verse in context.

The conversation Paul is having with these Galatian believers is the importance of allowing the fruit of the Spirit (vs.22-23) to grow within their lives.

So many of us fall short of living in love, joy, peace, patience and all the rest of these fruits. We yell at our children when they mess up and then feel bad for not having patience. We say something out of line at work and then feel bad for not having self-control. We allow anxiety to overwhelm us through difficult circumstances and then feel as though we have no joy.

What we must realize is that all of these are fruits; that means they do not grow overnight! You do not plant an apple tree one day and then walk out and pick red, delicious apples the next. It takes time for the seed to grow and be nurtured so it can develop into the fruit it was intended to be.

Beloved, So, it is with the fruit of the Spirit. Do not expect yourself to have patience the moment you are filled with the Spirit. Do not condemn yourself when you lose your temper and self-control.

The key to these fruits developing is simply walking in the Spirit. It is time spent in His presence and in His Word; and as you do so, you will see these fruits gradually become a part of your life.

Fruit does not grow overnight…neither will you. Give yourself the time to walk through the process when you find yourself in any church and let God do that perfect work within you!